5 Best Ab workout equipments
11th Mar

5 Best Ab workout equipments

There are plenty of Ab workout equipments available in the gym nearby your place ,but the only time you get for yourself is either  early in the morning or late midnight. You are also very tempted towards the stylish gym equipment for abs present there.

Now the problem is how can you enjoy the luxury of those ab workout equipments while sitting at home?The answer is right here, in front of you. This Article will be your complete guide for the 5 Best ab workout equipments you can get your hands on while sitting at home.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – John F. Kennedy


5 Best Ab workout equipments for Use at Home:


There is a vast variety of gym equipment available out there in the market for use at home. These are ideal for getting rid of love handles and acquiring a perfectly toned body at home. However, we have narrowed down the list to Top 5 best rated and easily available equipment available in market and online as well. These are not only user friendly and preferred by most of the fitness freaks but they are affordable as well.

  1. Exercise ball
  2. Athletics core sliders
  3. Sit up Hyper Bench
  4. Ab roller wheels
  5. Core Ab cruncher

1)Exercise Ball :

[amazon_link asins=’B019730QSG,B075FHKB8F,B075Y1D8SM,B00U2LNQU8,B078WR4T75,B00K5VUQRG,B01GE7F3R2,B0745427RV,B072XCRJCF’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’warda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’636c0a13-2836-11e8-bef7-319c107b8944′]

This exercise ball can be easily used at home as one of the  5 best ab workout equipments. It is known as  the Master Muscle  Core Crusher.   

Why is this rated as Best ab workout equipment for home ?

  • It is durable and is made with the highest professional grade material.
  • The price is as cheap as $ 13 .99.
  • The 65cm core crusher is the ideal size for people of every type of body.
  • Widely used by  athletes for gaining a functional core and efficient  back and abdominal musculature.
  • It also comes handy for physical therapy .
  • This core crusher ,if ordered  by amazon, comes with a book and a pump.
  • The pump is extremely useful to get this in working condition.
  • The free manual has 20 core crushing exercises which is definitely a plus point.

How to use it?

  1. Keep your feet firm on the floor and sit on the ball ,considering it a chair.
  2. Make sure you maintain balance by keeping your feet firm.
  3. Keep your hand behind your head and lower your body in the backwards position.
  4. Hold on this position for 30 seconds and then come forward .
  5. repeat this according to your preference and it is a great core and ab strengthener.

2)Athletics Core Sliders:

[amazon_link asins=’B079KVY2SR,B01JO8KGS4,B0799F2BFC,B01MSBATIH,B0793KNMPB,B077TGR6N1,B077GSVMJM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’warda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’86709403-2836-11e8-91a1-dd6f79702420′]

A simple but challenging equipment to get those gym like abs at home. It is highly recommended for beginners.


Why is this rated as Best ab workout equipment for home?

  • It tightens the core.
  • Strengths your arms and legs.
  • Can be purchased at a price of $14.99 only.
  • Travel friendly as its extremely light and easy to carry.
  • They improve your stability as using them is equivalent to standing on ice.
  • It allow users to exercise without moving their feet-isn’t this amazing?
  • They reduce the risk of injury.
  • Gives you an option to try vast range of exercices and whole body workout.

How to use it?

  1. Get in a plank position.
  2. Set the sliders under your both feet.
  3. Put your forearms on the floor.
  4. push your body backwards but with a straight torso.
  5. To come back to the starting position,get your elbow towards your hips.
  6. Repeat this as many times you like at home.

3)Sit up Hyper Bench:

[amazon_link asins=’B005IQS5WG,B01N6RYRT7,B078NTZ7ZH,B001105FNK,B00TZQ2Q7U,B0080R1QTE,B019I9BVP6,B01MRGZ37W’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’warda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a8b94829-2836-11e8-a51d-436286d9e1c4′]

It is the most frequent and commonly used equipment for both gym and home. This equipment provides many other benefits other than strengthening your abs and core.

Why is this rated as Best ab workout equipment for home?

  • The bench has a thickly padded seat and a durable upholstery.
  • The equipment is useful for both professional trainers and beginners.
  • The angle of the bench is adjustable according to your preference.
  • Beginners can use the wide angle as its easy.
  • Professionals can maintain an athletic core with a wider angle.
  • This Hyper  bench can be purchased for $199, which is not a bad deal considering its worth.
  • The foam rollers helps in hyperextension exercises by keeping the grip.
  •  The  amazing non-slip rubber frame does not damage your floors.

How to use it?

  1. Place your feet on the foot pads.
  2. The arms should be across your chest.
  3. Lie down on the bench with your back.
  4. Start doing crunches while maintaining the posture.
  5. Make sure the movements are controlled and you stay in position for 30 seconds.

4) Ab Roller Wheels:

[amazon_link asins=’B00C81JUS2,B071JBN83R,B00JZKH7K2,B00B1N0R6C,B00NI4NUFC,B01448BSX6,B06XSZQR2C,B00ZPAWV5C’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’warda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’012c900a-2837-11e8-8f1f-8b43e8b6e7f4′]

This professional ab wheel roller supports great fitness and strength training. It not only helps the core but the lower back muscles as well.

Why is this rated as Best ab workout equipment for home?

  • Provides an optimal position for the spine.
  • A great equipment to slim your waist.
  • Available online at the price of $31 only.
  • The core double Ab roller has equipment for two people.
  • It comes with a comfort foam grip and thick knee pads for support,
  • The use of this ab wheel allows the muscles to work as a group which retains a great posture and core.

How to use it?

  1. Place your knees on the pad.
  2. Kneel on the floor and hold the wheel handles.
  3. slowly roll the wheel forward.
  4. Maintain a straight torso and don’t arch your back.
  5. Go as far as you can.
  6. Come back forward using you abs.

5)Core Ab Cruncher:

[amazon_link asins=’B06X14RB77,B01170HQ9O,B071CKCY4Z,B0057JAEZU,B00MBEW0CO,B015Z2JXHI,B005Y1PABY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’warda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’26de5f6a-2837-11e8-addb-4fcfbd2b2aa0′]

This equipment provides the maximum ab contraction required for efficient core strengthening. This equipment Specifically targets the midsection and helps strengthen it.

Why is this rated as Best ab workout equipment for home ?

  • Offers 6 different  workout settings.
  • Provides with a option of  reverse crunch exercise.
  • With a use of as low as 5 minutes daily ,you can yield weight loss effectively.
  • You can get a quick burn to your glutes, thighs and abs quickly and effectively.
  • The price range is $58-$60, which is a good investment of money.
  • It can hold upto 250 pounds.
  • The amazing feature of a LCD helps you monitor your calories burnt and moves per minute.

How to use it?

  1. Adjust the seat according to your height.
  2. Get seated in a position that your shoulders touch the padded handles.
  3. Hold this posture and bend forward slowly.
  4. Inhale a deep breath and get back to the staring position.
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