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Best Pre-Workout Drinks for Women

Exercise is king. Nutrition is Queen.Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom”    Jack Lalanne


The Pre-Workout drinks play a crucial part in determining the quality of your workout. It is extremely important that you consume a pre-workout drink 60-90 minutes before you hit up gym to get rid of  those extra calories. Now the first question that comes to mind is that WHY do we need to have a good pre-workout drinks? The answer to this question is break down into 3 parts:

  1. It prevents muscle mass from breaking.
  2. These drinks charge up your body’s fuel.
  3. They help grow and  repair the muscles.

Where To Find These Pre-Workout Drinks?


Now that we have established an idea on what exactly are  pre-workout drinks and why do we absolutely require them, the next question that arise here is from where to get these drinks from?

Again , we are here to answer all your queries in the BEST way possible.  Now what happens is that when we think about pre-workout drinks ,our mind immediately shifts to the protein shakes and powders available in the market. BEWARE all the women out there!

The truth is that they are neither natural nor they are easily available to all the people out there. They have a considerate amount of sugar in them with artificial flavors .Especially when it comes to women, these protein drinks should be avoided at all costs!

According to a research conducted in Columbia University ,it was discovered that on average a body requires 20 ounces of water before a workout.In this Article I will help you identify  that will help all those beautiful ladies out there,improve the quality of their workout.

Pre-workout drinks


 5 Best Pre-Workout Drinks For Women:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Beetroot juice
  3. Pineapple + lemon juice
  4. Apple cider vinegar energizer
  5. Coconut-banana booze


Green tea is easily available at all stores and is popular amongst women. One of the main ingredient ,which comes to mind when we think of weight loss training is Green tea. The ideal time to however consume this magical drink is , before a workout.


  1. A green tea bag of the flavor you like
  2. 1 1/4 cup of water
  3.  A teaspoon of Raw honeypre-workout drinks


Boil the water in a saucepan until its hot.

Pour it in a cup.

Add the tea bag along with one teaspoon of raw honey.

Stir well and you are good to drink it.


  •  The caffeine and L-theanine amino acid present in green tea will keep you alert and attentive during the workout .
  •  An active antioxidant compound, Catechins ,found in green tea is great for improving your metabolism ,hence consuming it pre-workout will improve the quality of your workout.
  • The honey added in this drink will allow for a slow injection of glucose into the blood. This will help your body from consuming its stored muscle glycogen as fuel.



Beetroot is widely known for its amazing capability of boosting exercise performance. It is a rich source of iron and folic acid and considered to be one of the best drinks to consume pre-workout.


  1. One medium size beetroot
  2. one glass of water
  3. A blender to blend pre-workout drinks


Take a medium sized beetroot and peel of the skin after washing it thoroughly.

Cut it into small slices .

Take a  blender and add one glass of water in it .

Add the sliced beetroot and blend until the fibre is mixed .

pour it out in a glass and you are good to go .


  • Beetroot is a great antioxidant which helps your body remove toxic elements from it and funct6ion properly
  • one beetroot will provide just the right amount of carbohydrates i.e 13 grams, needed by your body for  pre-workout.
  • Vitamin C and fibre present in it will help the women to  boost up their energy.

3) Pineapple + lemon juice:

Pineapple is famous for its weight loss properties and there is no second opinion on its usage as one of the popular pre-workout drinks by women.Lemons on the other hand helps burn fat during the workout if consumed beforehand.


  1. A bowl of pineapplepre-workout drinks
  2. half lemon
  3. one glass of water


Take a blender and add one glass  of water in it .

Add the pineapple cubes.

Squeeze the half lemon .

Blend until it makes a smooth juice.


  •  Pineapple will help the muscle recover and grow efficiently .
  • A compound called bromelain , present in pineapple aids recovery.
  • The high level of Manganese mineral level helps in energy production.
  • lemons Rehydrate And Replenish Electrolytes during the workout.

4)Apple cider vinegar energizer:

As the name suggest , Apple cider vinegar before a workout does wonders to stunt muscle pain with its minerals and vitamins properties. It releases muscle stress hence improving your workout quality.


  1. One cup of water
  2. one tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar pre-workout drinks
  3. A teaspoon of honey


Take a glass of lukewarm water .

Add one Tablespoon of unfiltered Apple cider vinegar.

Add one spoon of raw honey to change the taste.

stir well and enjoy the energizer.


  • The  antimicrobial in the apple cider vinegar helps in fighting bad bacteria and keeps you fresh and energized .
  • Extremely beneficial for skin ;so now all the beautiful women out there  can get a clear skin ,which gets dull due to extensive workouts and dieting.
  • It keeps the blood sugar level low.
  • Helps the bones to absorb nutrition.

3) Coconut-Banana booze:

Coconut has been  used by women for beauty purposes since ages. It helps remove toxins from the body due to its electrolyte profile to human blood.It is a very good source for dietary fibre. Bananas on the other hand has a rich amount of potassium which helps in muscle cramps and discomfort.


  1. One large banana.
  2. A glass of fresh  coconut juice
  3. Coconut chunks


Add the glass of fresh coconut in the blender .

add coconut chunks as per your like .

peel a banana and add that after cutting into  slices.

blend well by adding some ice if you like.

pre-workout drinks


  • Coconut is low in cholesterol and it helps in building muscle .
  • Coconut strengthen your bones .
  • Banana helps keeping nutrient levels high pre-work .
  • Banana  helps build muscle because they are rich in protien.


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