Calisthenics Workout Equipment

Calisthenics Workout Equipment becomes essential when you are inclined towards bodyweight training. Having Calisthenics Workout Equipment at home can surprisingly increase your chances of getting that perfectly toned body you always wish to acquire. The fact that you can train on these equipments anytime you want is the best part about having a Calisthenics Workout station at home.

Just by spending few hundred dollars on your home based workout station , you can become better at Calisthenics and in addition you can do as many types of exercises you want and with any intensity you require.

Now of course you are not liable to buy all kinds of Calisthenics Workout Equipment available in stores and online. This is where we come handy. This Article will help you focus on just the right kind of equipments you require to build an indoor workout station.

Why is Calisthenics Workout Equipment important?

It is crucial to understand that no doubt calisthenics is primarily training with your body weight but an additional pint of  Calisthenics Workout Equipment serves as a source to turn and twist your training into beast mode.

  • Calisthenics Workout Equipment will strengthen your workout and training.
  • It will power up the training.
  • Improve your balance and cardio training to a next level.

Top 5 Most Purchased Calisthenics Workout Equipment:

Due to a wide range of Calisthenics Workout Equipment present in the markets, consumers often end up getting equipments that give the same results. Below is the list for Calisthenics Workout Equipment that will benefit you the most.

  1. Heavy Duty Parallettes.

  2. Portable Pull Up Bar & Dip Station.

  3. Wooden Gymnastic Rings.

  4. Push Up Bars.

  5. Workout Gloves With Wrist support.

1)Heavy Duty Parallettes:

Similar to dip bars or push up bars,these parallettes are significantly lower towards the floor.They allow you support your body weight on your hands along with building your core and muscles. Training with the use of parallettes has become famous worldwide for plenty of reasons and its qualities. some of them are:

  • These heavy duty parallettes help you get serious strength and training at home.
  • The price is as affordable as $55.
  • It has a 450 pounds capacity and 10mm thick bolts.
  • Textured surface and a non skid rubber feet helps in a firm grip and protect your floor.
  • This equipment does not require any additional tools , so there is no problem with the assembling.
  • An ideal equipment for home workstation.
  • A great replacement for ab wheels and push up stands.
  • An amazing equipment for :
  1. Incline push ups
  2. L-sits
  3. jump throughs
  4. dips
  5. handstands
  6. planche progressions.

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2)Portable Pull Up Bar & Dip Station:

This equipment is suitable to engage your shoulders ,lower chest and triceps. It effectively targets the main muscle as soon as you engage in the exercise. You can maintain your chest and stop it from getting uneven with the use of this equipment along with other exercises you do.The level of difficulty can easily be adjusted using this piece of Calisthenics Workout Equipment. In a more particular sense it has following advantages:

  • This equipment is portable , You can carry it anywhere you want.
  • It can be assembled quickly.
  • Supports weight upto 110 kgs.
  • It is used for literally 100’s of exercises ,which is a great value for your dollar.
  • The price is $119, which is not a bad investment considering its advantages.
  • Supports exercises like:
  1. Pull Ups
  2. Chin Ups
  3. Tricep Dips
  4. Inverted Row
  5. Push-Ups
  6. Leg Raises
  7. Knee Raises  etc.

Pull Up Bars

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Dip Station

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3)Wooden Gymnastic Rings:

Rings are without doubt a great tool invented for muscle training. They look comparatively simple to use but they require extensive muscle activity. The most basic positions done using this equipment does wonders to your body.They are amazing for getting those magical six pack abs. They engage your core like no other equipment. In addition they have below listed gains:

  • It has 13 feet nylon straps that can handle weight upto 300 pounds.
  • These rings are used ideally for upper body gains and core strength.
  • The price is affordable as it ranges from $56.99.
  • It is not only a great body trainer but can be used for physical therapy.
  • The thread is designed to for quick placement anywhere.
  • Has a quick lock buckle facility as well to prevent injuries.
  • It can help in exercises like:
  1. push ups
  2. pull ups
  3. dips
  4. rows
  5. muscle ups
  6. chest flies

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4)Push Up Bars:

These upgrade the difficulty level of your normal push ups and hence yield you more satisfying results as well.You build muscles faster by using these because these increase the motion range of your workout.It is found by research that the more motion you put in ,the more quickly your muscles will respond. Furthermore they have the following listed benefits as well.

  • These push up bars with padded handles are great for strengthening and toning upper body muscles.
  • The portable and compact design helps its usage anywhere ,anytime.
  • Stability is added because of the coated floor contact units,which helps with the grip.
  • Sweat is absorbed easily and without a hassle by the foam covered grips.
  • They can be purchased for as low as $19.99.
  • A great source to reduce wrist strain.
  • They are great for exercises like:
  1. To fire up your deltoids.
  2. Target triceps and pectorals muscles.
  3. engaging your core.

Push Up Bars starting from just $9

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5)Workout Gloves With Wrist support:

Workout gloves are always a plus point for your sweaty workout. It helps you get a firm grip of the equipment and make workouts safe. They will protect your hands from looking ugly due to excessive training and weight lifting. These will also relieve your hands from the excessive pressure of the heavy weights and dumbells. Moreover it has these listed pros as well.

  • They are the most important part of Calisthenics Workout Equipment.
  • The price is very affordable again ,$13.45.
  • Prevents your hands from torn blisters.
  • Durable because of the double stitching.
  • It has a 15 inch wrist brace to accommodate your comfort.
  • Keeps your hands cool and sweat free.
  • Helps you focus on better performance now that you don’t have to worry about grip and blisters.
  • Ideal for usage of :
  1. heavy lifts with barbell & dumbbells.
  2. powerlifting
  3. crossfit
  4. MMA
  5. bodybuilding

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